An Indian Citizen of a country who wishes to enter the other foreign country like USA, UK, and Russia etc. must first obtain a Visa either for Non immigrant visa for temporary stay or immigrant for the permanent base is known as Visitor Visa.

There are various stream of the Visitor visa like.

  1.  Tourist stream
  2.  Business Visitor stream
  3.  Sponsored Family stream
  4.  Approved destination status stream
Visitor Visa Service in Russia

Benefit of Visitor Visa:-

  • You can enjoy a holiday with friends, family member in Russia
  • The work will not provide service to an organization
  • Cannot do any job type of work during this days
  • Don’t sell goods or services to the public
  • Up to the valid date of Visa, you can travel to and from one country to another and after the time you spend in Russia you cannot spend time beyond your visa expiry date.

Some of the commonly required documents for the visa:-

  • Forms and fees
  • Personal documents
    • Your current passport
    • Two copies of the bio-data page
    • 2 passport size photo
    • Certificate copy of national identity card
  • Financial Documents
  • Employment and study documents

Tourist stream:

Tourist Visa is the visa for individuals who want to travel to Russia or other countries for holiday or relatives or for medical treatment etc. The Tourist Stream allows you to stay minimum 6 months depending on your personal circumstances. After that again you have come back again for the renew process.

Business Visitor stream:

Business Visitor Streamwhere the people who want to travel for the business purpose in order to set business, to attend meeting conference or exhibition.

Sponsored Family stream:

Sponsored family stream is the people who want to visit family members and are sponsored by their relative.

Approved destination status stream:

This Visa Stream for individual from the general population republic of china who are going in an organization tour group.

The Visa has replaced by the following visa:-

  • Tourist Visa subclass 676
  • Business Visitor Stream subclass 456 Country
  • Sponsored business visitor visa subclass 459
  • Sponsored family visitor visa subclass 679

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