V.N. Karazinkharkiv National University is one of the oldest Universities in Eastern Europe Established in November 1804 and initiative of the prominent educator V.N. karazin. The Vn karazin national medical university ranking “Top 200 Ukraine” UNESCO Chair ranking and 1st in Ukrainian according to Academic performance University ranking.  It is one of the biggest and oldest universities in Ukraine recognized by WHO, UNESCO, Medical Council of India and general medical Council. The all National festival is celebrated regularly at the KharkivNational University.  Sports are also very famous in Ukraine students used to play Football, Basketball, and tennis.

Features of V.N KARAZIN Kharkiv National university:-

  • N KarazinKharkiv National University fees are nominal as compared to other countries of Ukraine.
  • Having best Universities Library,Museum, sports , Botanical Garden etc.
  • Low fees and low cost of living
  • Having canteen with Indian Food for Indian students
  • Having 200 International agreements with the Best Universities abroad.

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