Odessa National Medical University is the first university of Ukraine which has been started Medical Education in 1965. Odessa National Medical University offers the course and leading program. Odessa National medical university is 110 years old. MBBS in Odessa national medical university is recognized and listed by MCI, World Health Organization, International Association of universities, European University association etc. The universities have 800 teachers, 18 academics, 105 professors and 405 docents. It is one of the Universities in Ukraine having member of MEDINE (Medical Education in Europe) and also a member of a Bologna process.

Why Odesa National Medical University:-

  • First, it is a Government University
  • It is an extraordinary compared to another Government university in Ukraine.
  • It is a one of the most Medical College in Ukraine that offers you 91 PG courses.
  • The courses are thought in total English Languages.
  • There is no extra donation charges
  • Odessa National Medical University is one of the minimal efforts MBBS School in Ukraine.
  • Having a member of MEDINE Medical Education in Europe.
  • You can find many Gujarati and Indian students
  • Odessa National Medical University is also a member of Bologna process.
  • Low fees, high quality with a European standards study.
  • About 1200+ students presently studying in ONMEdu

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