The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA UPHSD which offers you MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS in Indian System of education training and MD in the American system of education. The (University of perpetual help system Dalta) UPHSD is a university which is exceptionally recognized by both World Health Organization (WHO).

High quality of medical education: – The University of Perpetual Help System Learning is a part of their educational methodology allowing the student to teach what they have learned from the DALTA Student.

University of perpetual help system dalta

Affordable: – As there is no Donation and no Capital Fees at Perpetual medical colleges of Philippines. The whole cities including its capital city Manila has a low cost of living to the Indian student to afford medical education.

Separate hostel and all Indian food: – The hostel is located inside the University of Perpetual Help System. The Hostel provides all Indian Vegetarian and Gujarati dish to the students.

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