Yash overseas foreign education consultancy is link with the important university named our lady of Fatima University since 7 years. Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) is one of the fine Universities in Philippines. Our Fatima University is formerly known as our lady Fatima Colleges and also known as Fatima Medical Science Foundation Incorporated (FMSFI) as a private university in the Philippines. The University covered with all facilities like Lecture halls, seminar, conference rooms, research and teaching laboratorie , classrooms etc.

The founding of the University was laid in 1967 by Jose C. Olivares a Chemistry professor and his son-in-law Dr. Vicente M. Santos an assistant helps the residents of the city Valenzuela the name as “Our Lady of Fatima University“.  The Fatima College of medicine established the Fatima medical science foundation where scholarships is given to the students who are financial less honored. The name of scholarship grant was the Leonora Juzgaya Scholarship grant which offers all process free like free tuition, boarding and lodging facilities etc.

Staff and Teaching: – Teaching is directed essentially in the English dialect. International and national Seminars are additionally organized by the diverse school for their particular understudies. The association of Philippines medical colleges New York, Illinois state board of education and others. All are taken regularly and an adjustment is accomplished between practical classes in the laboratories and clinics as well as a theory based class in the classrooms.

Our lady of Fatima University

There are some of the famous courses offered at OLFU likes

  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Computer science studies
  • Criminology
  • Maritime education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

Features of Our lady of Fatima University:-

  • High quality education
  • Listed in WHO medical directory
  • The pattern of the study is according with USA/AMERICAN.
  • Affordable tuition fee and living cost
  • Fine and safe environment and lots of Indians students
  • Top most medical University in Philippines and have batches for US Citizens.
  • Given training for MCI Screening test
  • Comfortable hostel and having Indian Food is available at OLFU
  • Good facility campus hospital for best of the practice

Why our lady of Fatima university:-

  • The students who are studying in OLFU our lady Fatima University get additionally benefits and USMLE Training also.
  • Facilities of Indian food are available in the hostel
  • The MBBS in Our lady Fatima University is highly taught with the American patterns which are followed by the American Curriculum.
  • Easy payment schemes
  • Facilities of Indian food are available in the hostel.

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