Yash overseas foreign education consultancy which is highly connected with the Bicol Christian College of medicine.   Bicol Christian College of Medicine was founded in the year 1975 by DR. Ago and which is commonly known as Ago Medical Education Center.  Bicol Christian College of medicine which is located in the City of Lugazpi situated in the south of Philippines and the college about 400 kms from Manila and is approved by MCI and famous to study MBBS in Philippines due to little fee structure.  Bicol Christian College of medicine BS-MD Degree is of a 5 year’s duration of five and half years  16 months BS (Biology) course followed by 4 years of MD Course. As Yash overseas provide Admission to Bicol Christian College of medicine which an easy and guaranteed manner is to pursue MBBS.  The MD degree of Bicol Christian College of medicine as similar to the UK, Singapore, India, Australia, USA and other countries.

Bicol Christian College Of Medicine

Features of Bicol Christian College of medicine:-

  • The college costs is less as compared to all other Universities
  • No donation is Required at the time of the admission
  • Yash overseas office in the city
  • Safe and fine Environment
  • Separate boys and girls Boarding is provided
  • Availability of Indian food also
  • Healthy and safe environment
  • Scholarship is available
  • Admission to MBBS in Philippines is an easy task if you apply on time.

Eligibility criteria- Bicol Christian College of medicine

The students which have to take Admission in Bicol Christian College of medicine should have aggregate marks in 10th and 12th exam. The minimum aggregate of 50% marks in physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The students should have passed in all subject especially good marks in English. There is no entrance exam given by the student like IELTES/TOFFL/GMAT etc. for admission.

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