Yash overseas education consultant is an official authorized partner of Jalalabad State Medical University.  Jalal-Abad state medical University which is founded in 1993. Jalalabad state Medical University is a part of the International university of Kyrgyzstan, Mbbs in Kyrgyzstan.The JASU is a beautifully located in Bishkek- Capital of Kyrgyz Republic. The Universities not only in one Fields MBBS, but it provides higher education option in various different fields like medicine, electronics, energy, information technology etc.

Currently, there is 13000 students study at Jalalabad state medical university has 500+ teachers including more than 10 professors doctors 40+ PH.D doctor.  Faculty of medicine offer the most significant study block in medicine in Kyrgyz Republic. The Jalalabad State medical University is less expensive as compared to other and students can also get the scholarship.

Jalalabad state medical university

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