Aeronautical engineeringdegree presents the branch of engineering which deals with the research, design, development, construction, testing science and technology of aircraft. These Fields covers all aeronautical characteristics of aircraft which include all relative factors.  Foundation of Kharkiv Air force University is related to the Air force and aeronautical education, graduating aircraft engineers and flight operators. Kharkiv air Craft University has been established in 1993. Today the Air Force University is leading academic and research institution with 4th level of accreditation, developing all basic applied research with training skilled professionals.  The curriculum includes state certification as a multi-engine instrument rated commercial design. Aeronautical Engineering degree students have access Understudies additionally get the opportunity to find out and fly Aeronautical vehicles and create critical thinking abilities with computer simulations while preparing the career as professional expert engineering. As there are more than 5000 Indian and foreign country student studying at the university

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Practical Experience gain Air craft:

Kharkiv University of Air force develops a strong background in aviation hands on experience in modern aeronautical technology and industry best practices. For the Aeronautic designer or aviation safety expert an aeronautical engineering degree from Kharkiv University of Air forces.In first year students get started to right away taking courses like introduction to Aviation physiology and aviation meteorology. As the students of anywhere either from India or foreign countries gets valuable gain through internship opportunities.

Aircraft Maintenance Avionics:

Avionics course combines a solid grounding in electronics with a range of appropriate materials involving electronic and computer system for the aerospace application.Bachelor Degree Aircraft Maintenance atkharkiv University of Air force is an adjusted practical and theory based course for the permit components and an expert designing degree course. All courses in the kharkiv University gives a real aircraft experience.  It is the main university in Ukraine provides all courses that have incorporated the business standards and Aircraft Maintenance qualification with an honors degree.

The program is composed essentially to give an advanced education funded the way to a Career as an authorized Aircraft maintenance engineer in the aircraft industry. It provide an alternative to more commonly found aerospace design courses for this wishing to seek in different zones of the aeronautics business.

The Academic modules you will take work-based modules that provide you with hand on experience aircraft part and hardware equipment, review condition observing and blame finding and correction.

Bachelor ofAVIONICS course combines a solid grounding in electronics with a range of appropriate materials involving electronic and computer system aerospace application. These engineering methods have played important role in all of the stages of air craft development through history and in recent years electronic engineering,in particular has grown to play a crucial role.

List of documents to be submitted to theKharkiv University of Air Force by International Students:-

  • Mark sheet and original Certificate of 10th and 12th
  • Copy of passport
  • Valid medical policy
  • Passport sized photo copy
  • Birth certificate
  • Application form
  • Certificate of foreign Ukrainian if available
  • Medical certificate


The university provide the best accommodation of the university for each Indian and foreign country students. As there is a special well-equipped hostel with comfortable rooms for students living with all latest necessary facilities to the students. There is Boys and girls separate hostel also.

There is also a canteen on the university with all modern facilities. There are all facilities of the Indian dish as well there are more than 59 Ukrainian dishes available for the International students and Indian students to taste.

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